Providing turnkey system integration of process automated equipment and hardware.
Watring Technologies, Inc. is an experienced, diversified high technology company proficient in total system integration services including test & evaluation, custom tooling design, and automated hardware validation and verification. We give customers access to a sole- source, multi-disciplinary staff of specialists offering turn-key solutions.
Watring Technologies, Inc. specializes in system engineering through the areas of testing & evaluation of complex aerospace systems and ground support equipment systems including at the component and assembly levels. Additionally, Watring’s facilities support invaluable hardware in the loop testing capabilities to validate and verify interoperability in a system-of-systems architecture....  more
Watring Technologies, Inc. utilizes industry leading testing equipment that support high channel count high-speed data acquisition systems to capture analog, digital, RF, and communication protocol traffic. Post processing and verification of data is accomplished using automated scripts to reduce turn-around time and maximize through put on high volume production. Watring also supports the design and manufacturing of custom tooling and support equipment allowing Watring to be a sole-source ...provider.  more
WTI has a very experienced multi-disciplinary staff of specialists. This team has provided crucial testing and database generation of systems that have allowed our customer base to development and anchor digital models in support of the industry transition to Model Based System Engineering (MBSE). Watring Technologies, Inc. continues to be of the forefront in providing design, refurbishment, and testing services to our industrial and DoD customers.  ...  more