Our product design engineers and manufacturing engineers can provide rapid designs for prototypes of various materials utilized and electrical and mechanical systems.

Watring Technologies’ design and manufacturing engineers specialize in the development of structural, pneumatic, hydraulic, electrical, and electro-mechanical systems. Utilizing all the industry standard CAD environments, WTI can seamlessly integrate prototypes into existing systems and architectures, to provide rapid solutions to unique problems.

Watring Technologies possess complete fabrication capabilities to process electrical and mechanical systems. WTI has developed an extensive relationship with material vendors and has been able to expand support as-needed to satisfy our customer’s workload requirements. Additionally, WTI has substantial experience in reverse engineering and production of equipment for legacy programs and out of production systems. ...  more
Watring Technologies, Inc. designed and fabricated a custom one-off UHV (10-9torr) vacuum mirror coating chamber. This chamber utilized Watring Technologies’ proven coating technology that uses a vacuum rated rotary assembly to uniformly coat the shells with a layer of Iridium. The system employed a RF power supply with auto-matching network to generate the required plasma process to accurately coat the shells. The plasma was generated utilizing a proprietary gas mixture. The challenge was... to make higher-energy-response mirrors with useful collecting areas for X-rays. WTI used its expertise to formulate a successful solution.  more
When a leading medical equipment supplier needed the next-generation Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) patient table they turned to Watring Technologies. WTI designed the table to operate in the presence of superconducting MRI magnets with field strength in excess of 10 Tesla. These R&D patient tables are located in research laboratories world-wide....  more