Designing, developing, and manufacturing a wide range of custom high technology products for the scientific research, Aerospace, DoD, and industrial markets.

Over the years, Watring Technologies has continually sought to diversify and develop new and innovative products, winning many design, manufacturing, and quality achievement awards. Our designs and resulting products are used world-wide in industries as diverse as medical, bio-physical, semiconductor research, chemical dispensing, space science research, to cutting and marking in industrial applications. As well as offering precision products, our in-house staff of scientists and engineers is available to provide advice and consultation to comprehensively meet the demands of the discerning user.

A manufacturer of Military components was not meeting the increased production demand due the War in Iraq. After analysis of their equipment and processes, Watring Technologies, Inc. developed a custom system to automatically process and inspect their components. The system produces a finished product once every 23 seconds 24/7....  more
Watring Technologies, Inc. was contacted by a manufacturer of torsion bars to design, fabricate and integrate a measurement system to automatically measure and mark the in-line teeth. WTI designed and manufactured a custom machine solution at our facilities. After acceptance testing, WTI installed the machines in the customers facilities and provided training support during start-up of the new equipment....  more
Recent wars raised the army's concerns about the vulnerability of utility and wheeled combat vehicles. To this end, a new light weight type of armor for these vehicles was developed, tested and proven to save lives of our warfighter but no equipment was available to mass produce the product for the military. Watring's unique labor force was able to respond quickly when asked to design and fabricate the hardware to allow the mass production of this life saving armor....  more